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Overseas Bases
Headquarters (Kyoto) Shenzhen Hanoi Bangkok Singapore Bandung Mumbai Kuala Lumpur

Headquarters (Kyoto)

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The brochure of GCOE-HSE is available for download from here. (English)

HSE Center (Urban Human Security Engineering Education and Research Center)

The Urban Human Security Engineering Education and Research Center (HSE Center) has been established adjacent to the entrance of the C1 Building on the Katsura Campus of Kyoto University. One program-specific associate professor, one program-specific assistant professor, six program-specific researchers (PDs), and two program-specific administrative staff are currently stationed at the center. This center fills the role of a hub office for the program's overseas bases: two overseas activity bases (Shenzhen and Hanoi) where program-specific faculty members are stationed, and five overseas cooperation bases (Bangkok, Singapore, Bandung, Mumbai, and Kuala Lumpur) where local staff assist in managing. The center is equipped with a remote meeting system for communicating with those bases. Program leaders hold weekly PD meetings to check the progress of GCOE education and research activities and the management conditions of overseas bases, and strive to support the various activities of project promoters in Japan and overseas. The center receives visits of many faculty, students, and representatives from the overseas bases, and it fulfills the role of the headquarters of the GCOE project. The number of overseas partnership institutions that go into partnership with the center on education and research has been increasing.