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Overseas Bases
Headquarters (Kyoto) Shenzhen Hanoi Bangkok Singapore Bandung Mumbai Kuala Lumpur


Overseas base leader  Professor Hiroyasu Ohtsu

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The brochure of Bangkok base is available for download from here. (English / Thai)


The Bangkok Metropolitan Area (BMA) comprises Thailand's capital Bangkok and its surrounding area. The Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR) consists of the BMA and five adjacent provinces. The population of the BMR is 9.64 million (as of 2004), and its area is 7,758 km2 or 15.5% of the total area of Thailand. The BMA, which is the central area of the BMR, has an area of 1,569 km2 and a concentration of urban functions, business functions, industrial areas and high density residential areas.

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), one of the overseas cooperation bases of the GCOE program "Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security Engineering for Asian Megacities," promotes innovative engineering and sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region through higher education and research activities. Since its establishment in 1959, the AIT has played a role as a pioneering postgraduate educational institute in the Southeast Asia region and actively conducted joint research with public and private sector institutions in the region, as well as with some of the world's leading universities. Recognized as an international and multicultural establishment, the AIT campus is located 40 km north of Bangkok. The internationality of the AIT is demonstrated in the following figures:

Joint Research Projects

Through the GCOE program, we currently collaborate with the AIT in conducting the following research projects, mainly in the research field of urban infrastructure management.

Figure1: Joint Research Projects with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
in the urban infrastructure management field