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Education Program Overseas Training


educationThis program provides education in the core field of human security engineering and the four basic interdisciplinary fields (urban governance, urban infrastructure management, health risk management, and disaster risk management) to doctoral students, so that they can properly integrate and apply those knowledge, and create new methodologies to ensure the urban human security, as researchers and high level practitioners. Specifically, we put strong emphasis on the following aspects:

  1. Creativity (in addition to having broad knowledge, the ability go beyond the boundaries of disciplines and subjects is important),
  2. International experience (ability of research debate and presentation in English, education and research activity in foreign countries, and building international human network)
  3. Independence (ability in research design and management, leadership, and problem-solving ability in practical situations)

For this purpose, “Introduction to Human Security Engineering” is provided as the compulsory course in addition to various elective courses in the four academic fields. Also, overseas internship courses are provided. All the lectures are taught in English. For those who are at overseas bases, on-site training, remote lecture, and e-Learning system through IT infrastructure are provided.