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Overseas Training > 2012 > Bhogendra Mishra

Bhogendra Mishra

Land cover classification using SAR Images

Geoinformatics, Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Place of stay: Xiamen University, Xiamen
Term: December 16, 2012 – December 19, 2012
The objective of my internship was to share the results of my research and get the information about the cutting edge researches going on in my field in the conference. During my stay in China I attained the Computer Vision on Remote Sensing conference. I gave oral presentation and received really constructive comments from the experts that will help to improve my work. Additionally, I got the opportunity to attend several oral and poster presentations about current trends of researches going on in several research institutes and universities around the world. I am interested in the land cover classification and change detection using SAR images. Therefore, I actively participated in the discussions and presentation in the interested topic. In addition to the technical program, a panel discussion was held that also gave me a nice opportunity to know about the current trends and future prospects. Leading researchers delivered couple of presentations in keynotes and invited sessions that were truly impressive. An important thing in the career development is network development, I was very happy to know several researchers through this conference. Additionally, I got a chance to be with senior researchers during the conference and got the opportunity to know their experience that really motivates me to focus in my work.

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