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The Third Workshop on Transport Logistics

Date: April 20, 2009
Venue: Centre for Maritime Studies, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Organized by:
- NUS - GCOE Kyoto University "Transport Logistics Joint Research Center"

Number of attendants: 40

Report 032


The Third Workshop on Transport Logistics took place at the Center for maritime Studies in the National University of Singapore, on April 20th 2009. The purpose of this workshop is to share the knowledge and the research results of this educational and research cooperation. Researchers from the hosting university, from the Kyoto University and the University of Melbourne participated in the workshop.


The workshop was a successful channel for the exchange of knowledge. The concept of human security was directly addressed in several presentations, making clear its importance among the researchers.
The next workshop was scheduled to November. The specific date will be defined in a later meeting of the research group.
The group scheduled a short-course for Ph.D. students at Kyoto University for the first week of September. During this course, the draft version of the textbook on Urban Transport and Logistics will be used as teaching material.