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GCOE Special Lecture "Climate Change and Thailand: livelihood, food production and development at risk"

Date: December 21, 2009
Venue: Room 172 (C1), Katsura Campus, Kyoto University

Organized by:
Kyoto Universitiy Global COE Program "Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security Engineering for Asian Megacities"


Lecturer: Dr. M.S. Babel, Associate Professor and Coordinator, Water Engineering and Management(WEM), Asian Institute of Technology.

Abstract: Warming of the global climate system will have multitude of impacts on temperature and precipitation trends, flood and drought patterns, water availability and coastal dynamics of Thailand. Consequent impacts on people's livelihood and food production pose considerable challenge to the development of the country. Of particular interests are potential catastrophic impacts on infrastructure, business and livelihood options in large cities like Bangkok and reduction in rice yield. Two research studies are represented to estimate the potential climate change induced flood damage in Bangkok in 2050 and unpack the climate-rice yield dynamics in North East Thailand.