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The 1st Symposium on Development and Evaluation of Water Reuse Technologies for the Establishment of 21st Century Type Water Circulation System

Date: March 14, 2011
Venue: Global hall Jinyu, Katsura Campus, Kyoto University, Japan

Organized by:
- Research Center for Environmental Quality Management, Kyoto University
- Public Works Research Institute

Co-organized by:
- Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
- Japan Science and Technology Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology
- Kyoto University Global COE Program "Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security engineering for Asian Megacities"
- Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology Strategic for Fostering Environmental Leaders "International Center for Human Resource Development in Environmental Management", Kyoto University
- Osaka Science and Technology Center

Number of attendants: about 30

Report 141


This symposium was held as part of the research project titled ‘Development and Evaluation of Water Reuse Technologies for the Establishment of 21st Century Type Water Circulation System’, which is one of seven research projects that started from October 2009, ‘Innovative Technology and System for Sustainable Water Use (Research Supervisor: Dr. Shinichiro Ohgaki, President, National Institute for Environmental Studies)’. This research area is one of the Core Research for Evolutional Science and technology (CREST) projects sponsored by Japan Science Technology Agency and focused on the creation of physical and/or social water management systems that would be adaptive measures for a variety of water issues caused by climate change or other factors. In this symposium, we invited guest speaker, professor Hu, from Tsinghua University, China. We discussed together about the domestic and international urban water circulation system in the future.


First, Hiroaki Tanaka, professor of Kyoto University, and his colleges in the CREST project introduced about their research. Next, Hong-Ying HU, professor of Tsinghua University, China, made a speech titled ‘Challenges of Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse for Water Environment and Recreation’ in which professor Hu introduced about the research activities of water reuse in China. After that, participants had an active discussion on the research contents of the CREST project as well as how urban water circulation system should be in Japan and China.

Left: Presentation at the symposium
Right: Presentation by the invited researcher