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Symposium on Healthy Life Community in Moriyama

Date: November 11, 2012
Venue: Media hall, Ritsumeikan Moriyama, Japan

Organized by:
Community for Human Life

Co-organized by:
Moriyama City

Supported by:
- Kyoto University the Global COE Program “Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security Engineering for Asian Megacities”
- Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kinki regional Development Bureau
- Shiga Medical Association
- Moriyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- Miraimoriyama 21

Number of attendants: about 100

Report 225


The symposium on Healthy Life Community in Moriyama was held at Media hall in Ritsumeikan Moriyama on November 11th, 2012. The symposium was organized by Community for Human Life. The above relative organization cooperated to the symposium. The purpose of this symposium is to create the concept of the city, where people in the span of three generations live a healthy and untroubled life. Many topics related to healthy life community in Moriyama city were discussed such as transportation, medical care and care welfare from the point of view of engineering, medicine and urban planning.


In the symposium, Yoshihiro Sakata and Arata Hasegawa gave keynote speeches. They mentioned the framework for a city where people live a healthy and untroubled life. Arata Hasegawa is dedicated to regional activations in the Cabinet Office. He cited instances of another cities.
Eiichi Taniguchi presented the importance of regional public transport system for a healthy and untroubled life. He introduced approaches in the Moriyama city for healthy life where people use public transport. He emphasized regional cities can get energy as the public transport become more convenient. Masataka Sasada presented a concept of cities for aging society from the point of view of medicine and his clinical experience. In the symposium, Kazuhiro Miyamoto, the mayor of Moriyama city also participated and discussed future images of Moriyama city with participants animatedly. Some activities in Moriyama city are reported, such as voluntary activity to elderly people by Ryukoku University's students and walking events using sticks for elderly people by a group of Department of Community Management, Faculty of Sociology, Ryukoku University.
One of the achievements on this symposium is that people who relate to town development on Moriyama city participated in this symposium and had an opportunity to discuss future visions of Moriyama city.