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Human Security Engineering (2009)

Report on Human Security Engineering

  1. Subject of Report
    'What is indispensable for "Human Security Engineering"?'
    Please describe what is necessary for establishment of new discipline as "Human Security Engineering" from the viewpoint of four existing fields: Urban Governance, Urban Infrastructure Management, Health Risk Management, and Disaster Risk Management and from the point of view of your research activities. You should consider the title of your report relevant to your oral presentation in this class.

  2. Report Format
    Report must be prepared in compliance with HSE-011 Report Format.
    Length of report is at least 4 pages, and max of length 10 pages.

  3. Submit Report
    Report should be send by e-mail to:

  4. Deadline of Report
    NO LATER THAN 31st July, 2009 17:00