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Overseas Training > 2012 > Minna Guo

Minna Guo

The study on indoor and roadside monitoring of PM in Malaysia

Atmospheric and Thermal Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Department of Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Place of stay: Universiti Technologi Malaysia, Johor, Malaysia
Term: October 15, 2012 – November 10, 2012
In order to understand the variation of particulate matter (PM) concentration at indoor and outdoor conditions, the relationship between these concentrations and emission sources, the observation was carried by using portable PM monitor at the various environments at indoor and outdoor in Johor, Malaysia. For a preliminary conclusion, indoor (office) PM concentration is lower than that in outdoor in Malaysia. In case of household, the PM concentration showed the highest at the cooking time. The PM concentration at roadside areas changed with distance.
In conclusion, the HSE Program provided me a good opportunity to further enhance my ability and knowledge towards human security and present environmental problems that would eventually be beneficial to the society. Moreover, this program promoted my ability in science and technology significant development in science and technologies. Furthermore, through this HSE Program internship I realize HSE Program was not just provide us a good experience in the field of Urban and Environmental Engineering, but also to understand the real situation in study country.

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