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Sungchan Lee

A Simplified formula for Occurrence of Flashover and Corresponding Heat Release Rate

Division of Sustainable Built Environmental Engineering, Department of Architecture and Architecture Engineering, Graduate School of Engineeringg
Place of stay: Hoseo University, The Second Lotte Hotel and the Coex-Mall, ISAIA2012 (Korea), 9th AOAFST (China)
Term: October 12, 2012 – October 25, 2012
In a compartment fire, flashover is the sudden transition from a growth stage to fully developed fire. Thus, it is important to predict the flashover for carrying out fire safety design. I suggested a simplified formula for occurrence of flashover and corresponding heat release rate. In order to present for this study, I participated in the two international symposiums and the field trip on fire protection facilities in Korea, as internship for HSE program.
Through the field trip, I could obtain information about countermeasures and facility for super high-rise building in Korea, focusing on disasters and calamities. The building is equipped with facilities and manuals related to overall disasters, including fire and other calamities.
During the period of internship, I had chance to participate in discussions with researchers in the same field with mine and other fields, where people were interacting with one another. I think I have grown up through those events.