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GCOE Young Researcher Symposium - Concern Assessment and Consensus Building -

Date: May 20, 2009
Venue: Global Hall JINYU, Katsura Campus, Kyoto University, Japan

Organized by:
Kyoto University Global COE Program "Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security Engineering for Asian Megacities"

Co-organized by:
Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education "Int'tech Fusion Graduate School Engineering Education Program"

Number of attendants: 30

Report 045


The purpose of this symposium is to discuss and exchange current overview and perspective of concern assessment technology and consensus building management system which is necessary in realizing human security. The rising social conflict on public services among social members because of the various perceptions and interpretations with different value and concerns becomes a factor reducing the collective actions related to providing public goods and threatens individual human security.


As second GCOE young researcher symposium, the symposium on Concern Assessment and Consensus Building is held. The lecturer of this symposium who Eizo Hideshima , Nagoya IDESHIM, Assoc. Prof. of Nagoya Institute of Technology, Shiramatsu Shun, Assis. Prof. of Nagoya Institute of Technology, and Hatori Tsuyoshi, Assis. Prof. of Tokyo Institute of Techonology, Hayeong Jeong, Researcher of GCOE, Kyoto university introduced the front- line research work and approach on concern assessment and consensus building in the research fields of process management, psychology, and information science. During the symposium, support system and process management for concern assessment and consensus building were presented and discussed with wide range of view on the current situation and problems. 30 participants attended the discussion briskly and comprehensively.