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Japan - China student's academic exchange seminar according to water treatment plants

Date: October 13 - 14 and 20, 2009
Venue: Kyoto University, Konan Chubu WWTP, Lake Biwa museum, Keage WTP, Hokubu incineration

Organized by:
Kyoto University Global COE Program "Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security Engineering for Asian Megacities"

Number of attendants: 24

Report 066


The objective of the seminar was to invite master's and doctoral students from Tsinghua University of China to Kyoto University to give them an academic training and experience of living abroad, which may in the end lead to enhance their international sense. They would communicate with students of Kyoto University so that we would be able to pay attention to the different education. This seminar was made up of two important parts: one was to visit solid waste treatment plant (Hokubu Clean Center) and Keage Purification Plant on October 13, and also Konan Chubu wastewater treatment plant and Lake Biwa Museum on October 14; the other was to hold a symposium in Katsura Campus of Kyoto University, which composed of the presentations on the projects in Shenzhen in the morning, and the students' presentations in the afternoon. The presentations were on the students' research and held by students themselves.


On October 12, all the participants gathered in Katura Campus of Kyoto University to have an opening meeting. Professor Tsuno gave a welcome remark and explained details of the seminar. On October 13, we first visited Hokubu Clean Center, an advanced incineration plant. At the center, retained heat was used to generate electricity, and there were solar panels in the plant to generate electricity as well. Then we visited the Keage Purification Plant, the oldest purification plant in Kyoto. It was build on a hill and because of that it could transport the purified water to houses by gravity, not by a pump. It had a compact and rapid filter, and at the input of the plant, they built facilities to deal with the algae from Lake Biwa. On October 20, students' seminar was carried out. It was separated into several sessions according to their research topics, including purification of water, wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment field, and so on. One of the hosts was a Japanese doctoral student and the other was a Chinese doctoral student. The audiences were very active and asked a lot of questions.