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2010 International Symposium on Implementation of Road Asset Management in Vietnam

Date: September 27, 2010
Venue: Conference Hall / University of Transport and Communications, Hanoi, Vietnam

Organized by:
- Kyoto University (KU)
- University of Transport and Communications (UTC)
- Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA)
- Ministry of Transport (MOT;Vietnam)
- Vietnam Road Administration (VRA)
- Graduate School of Management of Kyoto University

Co-organized by:
- Kyoto University Global COE program "Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security Engineering for Asian Megacities"

Number of attendants: about 50 (in total)

Report 124


In order to actualize sustainable economic growth in Vietnam, it is necessary to secure the safety and security of social infrastructures and facilities with appropriate maintenance and management. In this circumstance, asset management is attracting attention as a methodology for maintaining and managing an enormous amount of social infrastructures and facilities, which vary broadly in construction time, structural characteristics, environmental conditions, and use conditions. It is very important to construct a common platform to implement asset management considering technical feasibility, financial supports, and governmental commitment. The objective of this international seminar of asset-management is to grasp the current situation of asset management in not only Vietnam but also other Asian countries, based on the reports on the situation and outlook of asset management produced by researchers and managers in Asian countries. In addition, this seminar will be utilized as the opportunity to share common perspective of techniques and policies regarding asset management in Vietnam.
The topics of discussion in this seminar include the following contents.
1. Stock Transition and Current Status
2. Asset Management Scheme
3. Management Organization Body
4. Inspection / Monitoring System
5. Budgeting and Sectional Allocation
6. Training & Education for Managers and Inspectors
7. Business Model
8. Database
9. Software (Application)
10. Future Perspectives
11. Technology Transfer/Technology Cooperation
12. Human Resources and International Cooperation


A conference for practitioners who engage in road infrastructure asset management was held at UTC on last September 27, 2010, for the purpose of social implementation of road asset management system developed by Kyoto University. Vice Minister of Vietnamese Ministry of Transport, Mr. Tran Dac Su, was invited for the conference, and we shared the current status of infrastructure asset management in Vietnam and agreed with the continuous and cooperative relationship between us, In the conference, Prof. Tran Dac Su (the rector of UTO) Opened the symposium with welcome speech, Following the speech, Mr. Ngo Thinh Duc made a speech with brief prescription of Vietnamese current situation of asset management system. Afterward, Mr. Toshio Nagase (senior representative of JICA's Vietnam office) introduced their current activities and future way of the JICA for Vietnam. As a man part of the symposium, Prof. Kiyoshi Kobayashi (Dean, Graduate School of Management) suggested a main direction of the conference. Following his presentation about comprehensive explanation of infrastructure asset management, three practitioners made presentations about actual activities in Japan and Korea. In the conference, the introduction process of new system compatible with the current system was mainly discussed in addition to the problems of the current system and the imperfection of the Vietnamese data. As a result of the conference, KU, UTO, JICA, Vietnamese Ministry of Transport (MOT) and Directorate for Road of Vietnam (DRVN) agreed upon cooperative relationship for sustainable development of Vietnamese pavement management system.