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GCOE Seminar on Water Reclamation & Reuse among Japanese and Australian Young Researchers

Date: November 17, 2010
Venue: Research Center for Environmental Quality Management, Shiga, Japan

Organized by:
Research Center for Environmental Quality Management, Kyoto University

Co-organized by:
Kyoto University Global COE Program "Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security Engineering for Asian Megacities"

Number of attendants: about 40

Report 131


Sewage treatment water is considered to be a valuable water resource in urban area and reuse of the sewage treatment water is becoming important for agriculture and urban use from the viewpoint of effective use of water. The purpose of this seminar is to discuss the treatment technologies and future issues of sewage reclamation water toward the effective use of resources and the establishment of recycle-based society among Japanese and Australian young researchers. As topics on reclamation and reuse of sewage effluent, the contamination and risks by chemicals in the water environment, water reclamation technologies using ozonation and membrane treatment and consumption energy evaluation for water reclamation are presented in this seminar and we discuss the style of water reuse of sewage reclamation water in the future.


In this seminar, firstly Prof. Hiroaki Tanaka, Kyoto University, explained the importance of sewage water reuse and new approaches of water reuse in Australia. Subsequently Dr. Ihara, Kyoto University, presented the concept and research of CREST project on ‘Development and Evaluation of Water Reuse Technologies for the Establishment of 21st century type Water Circulation System’ conducted by Research Center for Environmental Quality Management, Kyoto University. Asst. Prof. Norihide Nakada, Kyoto University, presented a research topic on the contamination and fate of pharmaceuticals released into water environment. And then Lecturer Naoyuki Yamashita, Kyoto University, explained the toxicity of the pharmaceuticals to aquatic organisms and its ecological risks. Prof. Hiroaki Tanaka, Kyoto University, presented a research topic on removal technologies of pharmaceuticals in water using ozonation and UV treatment processes. Thereafter, presentations were conducted by graduate students of Kyoto University on the disinfection technologies to pathogenic microorganisms in water, by-products produced by the disinfection processes and energy consumption required for sewage reclamation treatments. Finally, Dr. Page presented the progress and agenda of the project on sewage reclamation and rainwater reuse conducted in Australia. Dr. Page also introduced the technology of water resource storage and water quality purification by soil infiltration of rainwater and then discuss the challenges of water reclamation technologies.