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GCOE Workshop on Environmental Engineering between Japan and China

Date: May 11, 2012
Venue: Global Hall JINYU, Katsura Campus, Kyoto University

Organized by:
Kyoto University Global COE Program "Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security Engineering for Asian Megacities"

Co-organized by:
SCF project, "International Center for Human Resources Development in Environmental Management"

Number of attendants: about 50

Report 205


The purpose of this workshop is to deepen the bilateral research interchanges between Kyoto University (KU) and Tsinghua University (TU) in the environmental engineering field and to develop the relationship into the multilateral research cooperation. This workshop also has a role of the preliminary meeting for the development toward the JSPS Core-to-Core Program.


At the beginning of the workshop, Prof. TANAKA Hiroaki of KU made an opening remarks followed by three speakers’ presentations. Prof. Huang Xia of School of Environment, TU made a presentation titled “Research on water treatment technology and the bilateral research cooperation”. In her presentation, the present status of research on water environment in TU was reported. Also the expected fields of the future cooperation were shown. These include water reuse and risk control, non-point source control and water quality improvement and so on.
TSUNO Hiroshi, a professor emeritus at Kyoto Univ., presents the history of the research cooperation which was mainly conducted between KU and TU in his presentation titled “The research cooperation between Japan and China and the expectation for the future“. Prof. TSUNO also mentioned the recent activities at the cooperative research and education center for environmental technology, KU – TU in his presentation.
Mr. KATOH Hiroyuki, Director for Sewerage Planning Coordination of MLIT, reported present status of international expanding of sewage works from Japan. In his presentation, he introduced the trend of strategic international standardization, the project for cutting-edge technological development led by MLIT and the outline of cooperative projects between many countries.
A panel session was held following the presentations. The moderator was Prof. TANAKA of KU, and Professor Matsuoka, Professor Fujii and Professor Takaoka joined as panelists with Prof. HUANG and Mr. KATOH, then the panel was conducted. The discussion was developed about the prospects and issues of the Japan-and-China’s research cooperation in the field of environmental engineering. In the panel session, each panelist showed the experience of the bilateral cooperation, then, it was discussed about the issues of past study cooperation or a point to push forward a collaborative relationship more in future. Besides, expectation to the interchange of Japan and China was shown from Mr. KATOH of MLIT. The Importance of the interchange which the public and private sectors were joined was also pointed out by Mr. KATOH.
Through this workshop, the participants deepened understanding about a change of the research and educational cooperation between Japan and China and was able to perform the important argument that how should build a future collaborative relationship.