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Research Exchange Seminar on water environment between Kyoto University and Tsinghua University - Toward the future cooperative research -

Date: October 29 - November 9, 2012
Venue: Katsura campus, Yoshida campus (GSGES) and Research Center for Environmental Quality Management (RCEQM) of Kyoto Univ., Shimadzu Corporation, Shimadzu Techno-research Inc., Hiyoshi Corporation

Organized by:
Global COE Program “Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security Engineering for Asian Megacities

Co-organized by:
Kyoto University Environmental Management Leader Program (EML) International Center for Human Resource Development in Environmental Management

Number of attendants: about 40

Report 230


The purpose of this seminar is to enhance bases of research and educational activities based at the KU-TU Collaborative Research and Education Center (CRECET) by inviting young researchers and DC, MC students and conducting research exchange and training of analytical techniques.
The seminar consists of two items. One is exchange seminars which are aimed at deepening the understanding toward the future cooperation. Another is training of analytical technique which is aimed at cultivating specialists to lead a research using analytical instruments.


Research exchange seminars were held on Oct. 29th for faculty and on Nov. 9th for students at Katsura campus, Kyoto University. Presentation session and discussion were held at each seminar. Substantial discussion about participants’ common research field was held at the each seminar. Participants were able to deepen interchange by not only the discussion but also laboratory visits of weekend toward future cooperation. Training of analytical technique was conducted from Oct. 30th to Nov. 7th. Specialists’ training was mainly carried out at Shimadzu Corporation and Shimadzu Techno-research Inc. which are private companies with analytical laboratories. Two lecturers and one post-doctoral researcher of Tsinghua Univ. were participated in this program. Participants received training of pretreatment of specimen, analysis and evaluation of results mainly for micro-pollutants analyzing by LC/MS/MS. The training program is expected to foster leaders to instruct students who want to utilize the micro-analytical apparatus at CRECET, and thereby research of both Tsinghua Univ. and Kyoto Univ. should be carried out smoothly.
Training for students was also carried out at the Shimadzu Corporation and the Shimadzu Techno-research Inc. on Oct. 30th and Nov. 5th, respectively. Principles and precautions of instrumental analytical technique were lectured in the training. Laboratory teaching, which includes analyses of estrogenic component and PPCPs in water, disinfection byproducts in tap water and heavy metal in sewage sludge, was held at each student’s request at Kyoto Univ. Training of sampling and analysis for VOC was also held in cooperation with Hiyoshi Corporation Inc. In addition, participants visited Konan-chubu Wastewater Treatment Plant and Biwa Lake museum of Shiga Pref. on Nov. 2nd, Shin-Yamashina Water Purification Plant, Kyoto City on Nov. 8th. Participants were able to learn instrumental analytical technique and were able to deepen interchanges on their research through whole the seminar. The seminar should be a good opportunity to lead future cooperative research between Kyoto Univ. and Tsinghua Univ.