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Preparing a HSE Technical Report


When preparing a report, follow the direction starting number 4.

  1. Submit "Proposal for GCOE Symposium/Workshop" (HSE-019 in Japanese) to GCOE HSE center (kyomu_gcoe [at] before holding a seminar or symposium.
  2. Refer to this page (in Japanese) for details of the subsidy for seminars and symposia.
  3. Submit any promotional materials, such as posters, to GCOE HSE Center.
  4. Prepare a report after the seminar or symposium.
Contents of the report
1) Use HSE-021 if GCOE is the only organizer.
Use HSE-022 if not the above case, that is, there are other organizers and co-organizers.
HSE-021 Win  |  Mac
HSE-022 Win  |  Mac
2) Abstract (In English and Japanese, per page. Two pages in total.) Abstract Sample HSE-023 Win  |  Mac
3) Program  
4) Body Text (such as documets and presentation materials)  
5) Imprint HSE-024 Win / Mac
6) Back Cover Cover, Imprint, Back Cover Sample HSE-025 Win  |  Mac
  1. Prepare a PDF file collecting all the contents from 1) through 6).
  2. Print out the PDF file with a laser printer, using white paper. Print the cover, abstract, and back cover in color, and the rest of the contents in black and white.
  3. Save the PDF file to a CD-R. Submit the CD-R and the unbound printout to GCOE HSE Center. In case you cannot submit the PDF file, hand in 3 copies of the report. The report should be submitted within a month after the symposium or seminar.


Should you have further questions, please contact GCOE HSE Center.
Tel: 075-383-3412/3413
Email: kyomu_gcoe [at]