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Sukanya Misra

Towards Sustainable Urban Densities: Optimum Density Function for Asian Megacities

Laboratory of Architectural and Environmental Planning, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Place of stay: India
Term: February 3, 2012 – February 22, 2012
The internship allowed me to meet government officials, academicians, private consultants and other organizations associated with the planning and mapping of Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
The experiences obtained from the two cities were quite different. Mumbai, a megacity of 12 million people in the core city of, with a very pronounced Central Business district which attracts migrants from the entire country, provides a rich mix of heterogeneity. It has extreme contrasts within its people’s economic status, living conditions, purchasing power, and access to basic resources. Although complex systems of urban problems arise, the city thrives among its slums and extremes of density.
Ahmedabad is a growing city which has seen radial sprawl. Its activity areas are dispersed and although some areas of congestion and overpopulation exist, the overall quality of life is high. The city is growing spatially to accommodate its growing population hence not giving rise to exponential increases in density overall.
Extensive data has been collected to measure density, level of development and human security of the citizens. The data will be organised into a uniform format and then mapped, so that comparisons can be made.

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