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Overseas Training > 2012 > Hyecheol, Oh

Hyecheol, Oh

Integrated Lake Basin Management for Lake Paldang Basin in Korea

Research Center for Environmental Quality Management, Department of Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Place of stay: Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT), Korea
Term: February 7, 2012 – February 20, 2012
Degradation of the world’s lakes is a serious global water resource issue. Provision of adequate supplies of safe drinking water to an ever-increasing global population is becoming a critical issue today. Thus, the protection of lakes and reservoirs for sustainable use, not only as a drinking water supply but also for a variety of other uses, is an extremely important challenge. Integrated lake basin management (ILBM) is a conceptual framework for assisting Lake Basin managers and stakeholders in achieving sustainable management of lakes and their basins. It takes into account the biophysical features of as well as managerial requirements for lake basin systems. The research area is Lake Paldang Basin. The Lake Paldang is very important, because it is source of drinking water for 46% Koren population. Therefore, water environmental policy in Korea is being put into effect Lake Paldang Basin. The research purpose is to propose a new water environmental policy for basin management in Korea, using ILBM system.

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