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2011 Kyoto University–University of Transport and Communications Joint Summer Training Course of Transportation Planning

Date: September 22 - 24, 2011
Venue: Hanoi Campus, UTC, Vietnam

Organized by:
Graduate School of Management Kyoto University, University of Transport and Communications

Co-organized by:
Center for Research in Business Administration, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University, Kyoto University Global COE program “Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security Engineering for Asian Mega cities”

Number of attendants: About 100 in total (3days)

Report 175


To provide for the mobility of people is one of important factors to support our daily lives, not only in developed countries but also in developing ones. Transportation also influences patterns of growth and economic activity by providing access to land. The performance of the system affects public policy concerns like air quality, environmental resource consumption, social equity, land use, urban growth, economic development, safety, and security. Transportation planning recognizes the critical links between transportation and other societal goals. It is needless to say that planning for transportation facilities, demand analysis, project evaluation method, and trip survey technique are key factors to obtain efficient transportation services, which include both private cars and public transportation like buses and trains. From such a viewpoint, this course aimed at providing fundamental concepts and/or knowledge associating with transportation planning and results of application and particularly focusing on transportation in cities. Benefits of the course are to help participants understand concepts and basic theory of transportation planning. It also provides the fundamental knowledge on urban transportation systems, as well as cost/benefit analysis in transportation planning.

Training course activities

The First day In the first lesson of training course, Assoc. Prof. Kakuya Matsushima introduced the overview of current situation of the economy, traffic demand and road network of Vietnam as well as the structure and objectives of the Transportation Planning course. In the second and the third lessons, Dr. Ly Huy Tuan introduced about Transportation Development Strategy of Vietnam in 2020 and Vision to 2030. In the fourth and fifth lesson, Mr. Chin Kar Keong gave a lecture on Financial Feasibility Analysis for PPP projects with the case studies in Malaysia. Assoc. Prof. Kakuya Matsushima ended the first day with the sixth lesson by lecturing “Corporate Finance” which provided concepts of financial goals of the corporate and risk. The Second day Assoc. Prof. Kakuya Matsushima started the second day with the first a lesson of “Project Finance” to provide the concepts of Project Finance and the relationship between Project Finance and Corporate Finance. In the second lesson, Dr. Masamitsu Onishi introduced the concepts of “Public-Private-Partnership”. After that, in the third lesson, he gave a lecture on Financial Aspect of PPPs for the Case of Transportation Sector. In the fourth lesson, Mr. Yuchiro Senda presented the “Demand Forecasting-Basic” which provides the concepts of how to use 4-step traffic demand forecast. In the fifth lesson, Mr. Nguyen Trong Hiep gave a lecture on “Demand Forecasting-How to use JICA STRADA” which introduces how to use JICA STRADA, a software developed by JICA, to forecast traffic demand in practice. In the last lesson of second day, (sixth lesson), Dr. Mamoru Yoshida provided a lecture on “Cost/Benefit Analysis” to instruct how to analyze Cost/Benefit of a project. The Third day The third day was started with the first lesson given by Mr. Yuichiro Senda about “Evaluation of Transportation Project-A case study of CGE modeling” to provide how to use CGE model to evaluate a Transportation Project. In the second lesson, Prof. Kiyoshi Kobayashi gave a lecture of “Computable Urban Equilibrium Model”. In the last lesson of training course, Assoc. Prof. Kwangmoon Kim provided the principles of Donors in practice in the lecture of “Donor’s Principle”.

Achievements and Results

About 100 participants including Consultants officials, UTC’s lecturers and students attended the Transportation Planning course. After each lesson, there always were discussions between presenters and audiences to clarify the issues in question and cooperation in future as well. In the evening of the last day, participants received the Certificate for the training course from Prof. Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Dean of Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University and Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Vinh, Vice Rector of University of Transport and Communications.