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Overseas Training > 2012 > Muhammad Ikram Bin A Wahab

Muhammad Ikram Bin A Wahab

Children Environmental Health and Integrated Water Management

Environmental Risk Analysis, Division of Environmental Systems Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Place of stay: National Taiwan University (Taiwan), Universiti Malaya (Malaysia)
Term: November 17, 2012- November 30, 2012
The main objectives of the internship were to understand the burden of environmental health related disease to children and developing solutions for the management of watershed. During workshop in Taiwan, the participants were given to the introduction of a few birth cohort such as in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Moreover, comparison of the exposure level and genetic variation countries were shown during the workshop. A few issues were raised to enhanced understanding including magnitude of potential environmental exposures, the timing of exposure window, fetal and children’s susceptibility to toxicants, and low-level or unknown neurodevelopmental toxicants.
Besdies that, I attended the Integrated Watershed Management Symposium at Universiti Malaya. This symposium emphasized on applying scientific approaches and knowledge to strengthened capacity building in water management. On top of that, monitoring of ambient particulate matter was measured in UKM Campus Bangi. High Volume Sampler (HVS) with Cascade Impactor and glass fiber filters were used to collect the samples.

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