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Overseas Training > 2012 > Jaeyoung Lee

Jaeyoung Lee

Investigation of the Mechanism of Explosive Spalling of High Strength Concrete at fire and its Control

Division of Sustainable Built Environmental Engineering, Department of Architecture and Architecture Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Place of stay: Hoseo University and Fire Insures Laboratories of Korea (FILK), Korea
Term: August 23, 2010 - August 31, 2010 and November 27, 2011 - December 9, 2011
High strength concrete is a good material for structural performance and durability. However, it is pointed out that its weakness is fire. As the material is heated intensely, surface layer of the material is destroyed drastically with large sound. This phenomenon is called spalling, which is a limitation of using high strength concrete to building structures.
During this internship, heating experiments were carried out as a part of joint research with Department of Fire Disaster Protection Engineering(High-rise building fire research Lab) Hoseo University, Korea. The experiments were conducted at Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea (FILK). Using wall model and small column specimens, with 100MPa strength concrete, the difference of spalling shape was measured. As the result, the effect of water content and uniformity of heating were analyzed. As the results, spalling was intense in case of partial heating for wall model and two sides heating of small column specimens. In conclusion, the effect of non- uniformity of heating would affect the degree of spalling, while the effect of water content is relatively small.
The obtained results during this internship will be valuable in my doctoral and future research in verifying the mechanism of explosive spalling. I deeply appreciate the GCOE-HSE staff, professors and colleagues in Hoseo Unversity for giving me this opportunity.

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