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Overseas Training > 2012 > Seongjoo Kang

Seongjoo Kang

Nano materials and its potential threat in environment

Environmental Risk Analysis Laboratory, Division of Environmental Systems Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Place of stay: The 10th International Nanotech Symposium, Seoul, South Korea
Term: August 15, 2012 – August 20, 2012
The main objective of my internship was to get information of my Doctoral relevant research from International Nano-convergence Expo and Nanotech Symposium. During my staying in Korea, I attended exhibition and Nanotech Symposium. And I can get a new current trend of Nano-related industry and can broaden the view point of research. Especially I was interested in the physical and chemical properties of three different types of TiO2 nanowires and its toxic responses. In addition to a diverse technical program, vendors exhibited the latest equipment available for nano scale measurement science and technology. About the poster presentations, provided many opportunities for discussions between attendees and vendors about optical microscope, laser microscope. Leading scientists invited presentations on the latest developments in nano scale science and technology. Here I got positive feedback, and look forward towards having a good understanding of new technology trends, development tools.

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