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Pichnaree Lalitaporn

Assessment of Tropospheric No2 over Thailand using Satellite Observations

Atmospheric and Thermal Environmental Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Place of stay: King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Pollution Control Department (PCD), Thailand
Term: October 2, 2012 – November 9, 2012
The main objective of my internship was to access nitrogen oxides (NOx = NO + NO2) emission situation in Thailand by using satellite observations (e.g. GOME, SCIAMACHY, OMI, and GOME-2 satellites). The main activities were to collect the ground monitoring data of air pollutants for all PCD stations in Thailand from 1996 – 2011 and also to collect Thailand emission inventory for year 2005 from KMITL. The collected data were then compared with satellite observations in order to investigate the consistency between them and to investigate the long-term trend and seasonal variation of the pollutants. Since my research is based on satellite observations, integrating the data from Thailand emission inventory and ground-based monitoring together with satellite retrievals provided me a better understanding of the characteristic and transportation of NO2 in the atmosphere. Furthermore, I had opportunity to discuss with many experts who work directly on air pollution in Thailand and received many comments and suggestions from them which brightened up my idea for the next step of my research work.

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