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Overseas Training > 2012 > Yang Yongkui

Yang Yongkui

Aggregation behavior of Fullerene nanoparticle in water

Environmental Quality Prediction Laboratory, Department of Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Place of stay: Shimadzu Techno-Research, Inc.
Term: June 1, 2011 - July 5, 2012
The rapid production and use of fullerene (C60) nanoparticle have raised strong concerns about environmental risk and human health. The objective of this internship is to evaluate the aggregation behavior and fate of C60 nanoparticle during the wastewater treatment.It mainly containedthree stages, 1) to characterize the C60 nanoparticle in purewater; 2) to study the aggregation behavior of C60 nanoparticle in simulated wastewater; and 3) to study the aggregation behavior of C60 nanoparticle in real wastewater at different treatment steps.During the internship, I learned how to characterize the C60nanoparticle and to illuminate the aggregation behavior of C60 nanoparticle under various environmental conditions. In addition, we conducted thediscussions after each research stagewith group members as well as the researchers from other departments such as the Department of food and environmentin the same company. This internship provided me a nice opportunity not only to study the advanced analytical technique but also tocommunicate and cooperate with the researchers in the company.

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