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人間安全保障工学 発表に関するお知らせ

PowerPoint File in accordance with HSE template.


Two days before class

Note: You need to inform us in which campus you will make a presentation.

Urban Governance

12 May, 2010
Deadline of submission of Powerpoint file : 10 May, 2010.

Discussion about Urban Governance

  1. What is indispensable for Human Security Engineering from the viewpoint of Urban Governance?
    - The students selecting the topic of "Urban Governance" must present the above-mentioned topic in 5 minutes including self-introduction.
    - Please send me your presentation data. monnai(atmark)
  2. What kind of problem & resources do you find in Shutoku District of Kyoto, one of Asian Megacities?
    - If possible, please visit Shutoku District in Historical Central Area of Kyoto before the next discussion on May 12th.
    - Compare Shutoku District with the community which you know very well in your country.
  3. Why must we introduce the community governance into Dwelling Environment & Townscape Design?
    - What kind of actors participate the community design?
    - Please consider the role of each actors such as government, company, community, architect, urban planner, and NPO in design processes.
    - What might be the possible indicators of good governance?

Please consider the urban design method based on urban good governance.


Urban Infrastructure

9 June, 2010
Deadline of submission of Powerpoint file: 7 June, 2010.


Health Risk Management

14 July, 2010
Deadline of submission of Powerpoint file: 12 July, 2010.


Disaster Risk Management

7 July, 2010.
Deadline of submission of Powerpoint file: 5 July, 2010.