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時間:前期 水曜 16:30 - 18:00

  1. April 11
    Orientation, Self-Introduction and Photo Session (Instructor: YONEDA Minoru)

  2. April 18
    Urban Governance (1) (Instructor: MONNAI Teruyuki)

  3. April 25
    Tentative Overview of Human Security Engineering (Instructor: MATSUOKA Yuzuru)

  4. May 2
    Urban Infrastructure Management (1) (Instructor: OHTSU Hiroyasu)

  5. May 11 (Fri)
    Human Right, Property and Social Capital (Instructor: KOBAYASHI Kiyoshi)
    314 (Katsura)
    Sub Lecture Rm on 2nd Floor, Research Bldg. #5 (Yoshida)

  6. May 18 (Fri)
    Poverty Traps (Instructor: KOBAYASHI Kiyoshi)
    314 (Katsura)
    Sub Lecture Rm on 2nd Floor, Research Bldg. #5 (Yoshida)

  7. May 23
    Urban Governance (2) Presentation & Discussion (Instructor: MONNAI Teruyuki)

  8. May 30
    Urban Infrastructure Management (2) Presentation & Discussion (Instructor: OHTSU Hiroyasu)

  9. June 6
    Human Security and Environmental Security (Instructor: MATSUSHITA Kazuo)

  10. June 13
    Disaster Risk Management (1) (Instructor: TATANO Hirokazu)

  11. June 20
    Evaluation and Report (Instructor: MATSUOKA Yuzuru)

  12. June 27
    Health Risk Management (1) (Instructor: TANAKA Hiroaki)

  13. July 4
    Disaster Risk Management (2) Presentation & Discussion (Instructor: TATANO Hirokazu)

  14. July 18
    Health Risk Management (2) Presentation & Discussion (Instructor: TANAKA Hiroaki)

  15. July 25
    Discussion on Human Security Engineering (Instructor: MATSUOKA Yuzuru)

  16. Note:
    1. In Presentation & Discussion, students would discuss “Human Security Engineering” based on the presentation made by students. Students are required to choose a presentation in one of four existing fields: Urban Governance, Urban Infrastructure Management, Health Risk Management, and Disaster Risk Management. In addition, Students have an obligation to have a question or comment once at least.
    2. Presentation Time is about 5 minutes per a presenter. General subject of presentation and discussion will be “What is indispensable for Human Security Engineering?” Each lecture may give a concrete and practical subject for presentation.
    3. This lecture will be recorded.
    4. If you cannot attend a lecture due to a travel for doctoral research activity, you can take a recorded lecture that may be considered as equivalent to attend the lecture. Contact GCOE HSE Center (, before you want to take a lecture with the recorded lecture.