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人間安全保障工学 発表に関するお知らせ(2012年度)

Each student has 5 min. presentation and 5 min. discussion.

Documents Submission:
PowerPoint File in accordance with HSE template (HSE-010).

Submission to:

Submission Deadline: Five days before class
Urban Governance: Friday May 18th.
Urban Infrastructure Management: Friday May 25th.
Health Risk Management: Friday July 13th.
Disaster Risk Management: Friday 29th June.

Note: You need to inform us in which campus you will make a presentation.

Urban Governance

Prof. Monnai
23rd May, 2012, Submission Due/ 18th May


Urban Infrastructure Management

Prof. Ohtsu
30th May, 2012, Submission Due/ 25th May


Health Risk Management

Prof. Tanaka
18th July, 2012, Submission Due/ 13th July


Disaster Risk Management

Prof. Tatano
4th July, 2012, Submission Due/ 29th June