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人間安全保障工学 発表に関するお知らせ(2013年度)

Participants would discuss “Human Security Engineering” based on the student presentation.
Each student has 15~20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.

Documents Submission:
PowerPoint File

Submission to:

Submission Deadline: Three days before class
Urban Governance: Monday May 20th.
Urban Infrastructure Management: Monday May 27th.
Health Risk Management: Monday June 24th.
Disaster Risk Management: Monday 1st July.

Note: You need to inform us which place (katsura, Yoshida or Otsu) you will make a presentation.
The presentation materials (PowerPoint file) can be downloaded from this lecture’s website:
Each student has to read these presentation materials before class and prepare more than
one question or opinion about each presentation.

Urban Governance (2)

Prof. Kanki
22nd May, 2013, Submission Due/ 20th May


Urban Infrastructure Management (2)

Prof. Ohtsu
29th May, 2013, Submission Due/ 27th May


Health Risk Management (2)

Prof. Tanaka
26th June, 2013, Submission Due/ 24th June


Disaster Risk Management (2)

Prof. Tatano
3rd July, 2013, Submission Due/ 1st July